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Turn micro influencers into loyal customers. Generate digital assets made from real experience of your customers. All in one easy platform.

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Lemon is a platform designed for growing businesses to make the most out of influencer marketing. Send your products with our Lemon Box to thousands of influencers registered on our platform, and create movement that reaches their followers.

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How many influencers can you name, who is truly your customer?

Influencer marketing is tricky. When done wrong, your campaigns can appear as “fake”, and audience see them merely as an advertisement rather than a real experience.

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Do it better with LEMON Box! Here's why it's effective


Collaborate with trusted and relatable influencers.

Use our real-time influencer database to build a network of micro-influencers that best suit your goals. Data shows while megainfluencers have great reach, micro influencers have higher engagement and conversion rates. They connect at a deeper level with their audience, resulting in better trust.


Grow and Improve your brand with their voice.

Your influencers’ post and testimonies are valuable marketing assets. You can use it to grow your audience and scale your campaign, especially with their trusted opinions. Share it or repost it, because their voice can make their audience your audience too!


Build a community with your influencers.

Authentic, long-lasting partnerships are the key to successful influencer marketing. Our platform enables you to gift your influencers with the Lemon Box and build genuine relationships. Take the next step, and make these influencers your loyal customer!

How It Works


Step 1

Create A Campaign

Write about your product, your campaign, photo direction, color theme, overall mood, and so on. The more detail you write, the better the project will run.

Step 2

Select Your Influencers

After publishing your campaign, LEMON members will apply to your campaign. You get to select which influencers you want to work with. Evaluate their number of followers, engagement rate, and all other metrics from the platform and pick the ones you like the most!

Step 3

Watch Your Campaign Begin

After receiving your products, LEMON influencers will start doing tasks specified in your brief in their social media and report their activities.

Step 4

Sit Back, Check Your Report

We generate and summarize all reports for you. You can see details and export report to Excel format. Easily wow your boss (or your client)!

Lemon is Built for Your Business

LEMON Box for Growing Businesses

Send products to thousands of Lemon’s micro influencers, sell with authentic, true, and honest influencers. Create Instagram campaigns reaching their followers.

Lemon Management for Bigger Businesses

Run campaigns in various social media platforms, create private campaigns, and find specific influencers with our powerful influencer search engine – from micro influencers to celebrities!

How we’ve helped Companies Scale their Businesses

Biore UV Rich Aqua Campaign

Alongside Biore, Lemon selected 30 influencers consisting micro and macro KOLs to promote its new product line Biore UV Rich Aqua. 30 KOLs are expected to post an IG Post with the product and describing their experience using the product, and gained 99K impressions and 92K reach.





Marina UV Handbody Lotion

For Marina UV Handbody Lotion, we sent lemon box to 30 micro to macro KOLs. Upon receiving the products through lemon box, the KOLs are required to review the products, which are; UV White E Collagen Asta and UV White Sunblock SPF 30PA++. The influencers also broke down the ingredients inside to spread awareness of the benefits of using the products towards their audience.







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We’ll help you get started. Call us for a free consultation and find out what Lemon can do for your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

Followers of LEMON Influencers are varies. Majority of them are Nano and Micro influencers. Their range of followers are between 1.000 – 50.000 followers

LEMON has a right service for you for brand awareness level. We have LEMON Box to use more Nano influencers with competitive price with gifting to influencers. Another service is Influencer Management, where you can adjust influencer’s scope of work based on your needs.

In short, Buzzer is people who promote and campaign a product in their social media to make the product viral. Influencer has followers and can influence people in social media especially in Instagram. and KOL (Key Opinion Leader) is people who already known in society with influencer from social media.

Yes. For now LEMON focusing in Instagram. But, we also provide others social media based on client needs.