Biore Lemon Box

Biore as Japan’s No.1 skincare brand spent decades in perfecting a simple formula for clear skin with multi-benefits for Asian female’s skin. We generate more views and engagement toward C Channel by producing several how-to/tips video and sending Lemon Box campaign.

Results from C Channel Video

Total Reach: 2,498,358
Total Views: 1,315,978
Total Engagement: 59,978
Total Save: 8,444

Our campaign with Biore UV and Biore Body Foam features Dara Arafah, Vici Sienna and Philia Alethia. Combined, these three KOLs have a following of approximately 1.6 million people!

In 2019, C Channel collaborated with Biore in generating how-to and tips videos to showcase the effectiveness of the brand’s new product. Our campaigns advertise various Biore products such as the Biore UV, Biore Makeup Remover Sheet, Biore Body Foam and Biore Cleansing Oil. The KOLs selected