Dove Sakura Facial Foam

Dove launched special edition Dove Sakura Facial Foam with 40% beauty serum that hydrates the skin, elastic and well treated. This is one of the secrets of Japanese Beauty formula. C Channel had the chance to conduct a PR event with Dove Indonesia alongside Hisafu Niken and Felicia Marcellina (Beauty Influencers). They shared how to Reveal Japanese Beauty Secret with Dove Sakura Facial Foam.

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5 differents IG posts on C Channel account regarding to Dove Sakura edition to raise awareness towards the new products two weeks prior to the KOL gathering.

Hisafu Niken, Thefani Cindy, Falencia Marcellina, Tiffani Kosasih and Irma Surahman were the speakers for the “Reveal Japanese Beauty with Dove Sakura” event at Transmart Cempaka Putih. It was such a fun and engaging evening, we were also joined by 20 participants which were chosen through an event registration.

The activities included; photobooth, demo beauty tips, sharing session, q&a, potpourri workshop, IG photo winner announcement. The whole event was updated on C Channel IG story and received approx. 27K views. After, C Channel published 3 posts that pictured how the event went. The posts documented the activities, the KOL and the fun the participants had duing the gathering with Dove and C Channel!