Find the Perfect Influencer for Your Next Campaign

Save time and improve campaign result. Analyze tens or hundreds of influencers with data-driven audience insights all in one easy to use platform.

What is Lemon?

Lemon is a platform designed to help marketers and business owners quickly identify influencer talents. Using sophisticated search and filter algorithm to our database, Lemon connects brands to influencers effortlessly.

Lemon is backed by the biggest female video-based media in Indonesia and 7 years of experience in influencer marketing campaigns spanning countless industries.

How It Works


Pick Your Influencers

Discover influencers and create your own favorite influencer list to start your offer. Uncover the real metrics you cannot see in their social media page, like engagement rate, growth rate, and many others.

Don’t know where to start? Pick one of our shortlists, containing recommended influencers based on topic or products.


Create campaign, upload brief, and write details for your influencers

Create your campaign offer.

Write about your product, your campaign, photo direction, color theme, overall mood, and so on. The more detail you write, the better the project will run.


Launch campaign. Sit back and relax as the system works to organize and report the result.

After your campaign is approved and published, LEMON influencers will do tasks specified in your brief in their social media and report their activities.

We generate and summarize all reports for you. You can see details and export report to Excel format. That is so easy!

Don't know where to begin? Want a free hassle solution?

RELAX! Call us for a meeting and we will do everything for you!

Tell our campaign experts what challenges, problems, or goals you want to tackle in your campaign,
and we will design the best campaign for you — from planning to reporting.

Our Products

LEMON Platform

All-in-one platform to run influencer marketing campaign. Utilize the sophisticated one-stop service for all your influencer marketing needs.


Send product to hundreds of micro influencers and create movement reaching their followers.

Micro and nano influencers have higher conversion rate than celebrity because they are seen as authentic, true, and honest by their followers.


LEMON Swipe Up (Coming Soon!)

Convert reach and engagement directly into sales number through influencers! Create meaningful impact, influence customers, and push them to shop, in one activity.

Our Influencers

Ranging from super-converting nano influencers to super-celebrities macro influencers, we have them in our database and ready to join your campaign anytime. They will generate actions and influence in a wide range of interests and demographics for reaching the best audience for the best result.

We Worked With

And +100 more!

Frequently Asked Questions

Please try our Lemon Platform demo! You can find user based on content topic, followers count, location, age, and gender. If the user you search for is not available in the database, you can request the system to generate data for future uses.

The faster the brand can upload the campaign brief, the shorter the lead time. In general, campaigns can go up within 1 or 2 days after signing of quotation.

Yes! We provide the service at the moment. Please contact us and let us know what else you need.

We'll help you get started​. Call us for a free consultation and find out what Lemon can do for your business.