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Turn micro influencers into loyal customers. Maintain relationship with the key customers. Generate digital assets made from real experience of your customers. All in one easy platform.

Find thousands of influencers your audience can relate to

Lemon is a platform designed for growing businesses to make the most out of influencer marketing. Send your products with our Lemon Box to thousands of influencers registered on our platform, and create movement that reaches their followers.

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Stop and think.

How many influencers can you name, who is truly your customer?

Have you invested in time and money for influencer marketing, but don’t see an increase in brand loyalty?

Are you having a hard time finding the right influencers that can resonate to their audience?

Are you wondering why consumers don’t buy the words these influencers are saying?

Do it better with LEMON Box! Here's why it's effective

Sell your product together with relatable influencers.

Data shows that while mega influencers have good reach and impression, micro influencers have higher engagement and conversion rate. This is because people see them as authentic and honest, so they’re best employed to push call to action such as purchase.

Their words are your words, use your influencer review posts.

Posts from your influencers are also your marketing assets. You can use these posts as "3rd person voice" and you can repost it to your social media or website.

Influencers are also your loyal customers.

Gifting is one of the most effective way to build genuine relationship with key customers. If your LOYAL CUSTOMER is also an INFLUENCER, they will be a very effective ambassador for your brand!​

How It Works


Create campaign (3 minutes)

Write about your product, your campaign, photo direction, color theme, overall mood, and so on. The more detail you write, the better the project will run.


Select influencers.

After creating campaigns, LEMON members will apply to your campaign. You get to select which influencers you want to work with. Evaluate their number of followers, engagement rate, and all other metrics from the platform and pick the ones you like the most!


Watch your campaign begins

After receiving your products, LEMON influencers will do tasks specified in your brief in their social media and report their activities.


Sit Back, Check Your Report

We generate and summarize all reports for you. You can see details and export report to Excel format. Easily wow your boss (or your client)!

LEMON is Perfect for All Kinds of Team

LEMON Box for Growing Businesss

Send products to thousands of Lemon’s micro influencers, sell with authentic, true, and honest influencers. Create Instagram campaigns reaching their followers.

lemon box

LEMON Management for bigger business

Go big and win market competitions. Run campaigns in various social media platforms, create private campaigns, and find specific influencers with our powerful influencer search engine – from micro influencers to celebrities!

Featured Case Studies

Marina UV Handbody Lotion

For Marina UV Handbody Lotion, we sent lemon box to 30 micro to macro KOLs. Upon receiving the products through lemon box, the KOLs are required to review the products, which are; UV White E Collagen Asta and UV White Sunblock SPF 30PA++. The influencers also broke down the ingredients inside to spread awareness of the benefits of using the products towards their audience. 










PANASONIC Rice Cooker and Hair Straightener

In association with Panasonic, we selected 8 macro Lemon Influencers to review each Panasonic Products in every month and they should try to make a photo and an IG Story with Panasonic product and share the information about product details.






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